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About the Author

Invader of castle ruins, climber of Fuji, and friend of kangaroos, Kyle Spencer loves many things, especially writing, traveling, football, and DnD. Oh, and mead. Lots of mead.

A Monk’s Tail is Kyle’s first novel and incorporates his love of different cultures and languages as well as his love of goofy, zany fun. If you like anthropomorphic animals, fantasy adventures (with a scattering of magic and guns thrown in), and butt-tonnes of shenanigans, then this is the book for you! Check out an excerpt here.

Kyle currently lives in the United States with two of the coolest cats (literally and figuratively) in the world. He’s constantly looking for new music (rock, punk, ska), new books (fantasy and sci-fi, especially drug-addled space operas with giant sand worms), and new ideas. He’s also constantly building worlds as a DM for multiple DnD campaigns.